Steve Brett photography

About me

I am a creative photographer focussing on the natural world - especially landscapes featuring mountains and other wild areas of the world. This love of wild places comes from my other interests of mountaineering and climbing.

My photographic inspirations come from two main arenas; the classic landscape photographers such as Ansel Adams and the early pioneers of photography such as Fox Talbot. I am currently working on exploring alternative photographic processes such as gum chromate and cyanotypes. My interest in alternative processes come initially from a desire to produce a curved glass light shade to use at home. Now, I am intrigued by the versatility of these approaches and the ability to produce stunning pictures. I still have a long way to go to be able to produce good quality prints.

My other inspirations come from the work of painters and print makers working in a variety of medium. I envy their ability to present what they want to see rather than what was there. Although, with the increasing power of Photoshop these differences are becoming less obvious.

I have worked in both "wet media" as well as digital work but most of my current work is digital. I find the digital workflow and the ease of getting photos printed and put on the web appealing. Mid you I do miss the massive 6x6 trannies from my Hasselblad!

My current projects are to master 3 color gum chromate printing and to finish my First Holds series for an exhibition later in the year. Have a look in my blog for more details as things progress.

If you want to contact me, please feel free to either email me via steve {dot} brett {at} stevebrett {dot} com or call me on 07860 500002.

Thanks for popping by