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06. May 2006

For the past few months I have been working on a series of photographs based at a local crag – “Black Rocks”. A gritstone crag with a long history of climbing, it has many challenging routes and a number of classic routes.

In an exploratory mode, I wanted to look at how details of the crag could describe the place as well, or better than a classic “wide angle” shot. At one visit I met up with two climbers who were attempting to climb Demon Rib and it struck me that the focus of attention is on the crux of the climb. This is usually well off the ground and it made me think that you rarely think about the first move off the ground. You just start climbing and start really concentrating on the flow of moves as you get off the ground.

So I started taking shots of the first holds on the climbs at Black Rocks. In my edition of the guide there are 67 routes! I have now got photos of most of the climbs and I am in the process of getting down to a gallery of 12 shots. They may not be the hardest climbs …

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