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Interesting day at Hockerton  

Cat.: sustainable building
21. October 2010

Today I spend the day at Hockerton Housing project looking at how they developed a low energy housing project over 12 years ago.

I was stuck by how far building technology has developed and at the same time just how the design choices are still the same. I am looking at a local plot and seeing what the guys at Hockerton have done has given me some food for thought.

A few key takeaways:
o You do not need much space for a reed bed system to manage sewage
o Being off grid with water is not that difficult if you think about space for underground water storage and roof capture
o You do not need any heating with a massively insulated air tight structure if you effectively use solar gain.
o A big south facing conservatory gives a great space to use for 9 months of he year and provides a source for solar heating.
o a cheap electric immersion heater can be an effective means of providing hot water.

Some very interesting ideas to consider.

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